"BitWM - Minimalistic Window Manager for X11"
BitWM is a minimalistic window manager for X11. It has native support for joining clients into groups and each client inside a group is destinated by a tab which is placed on the titlebar.

The core of BitWM provides support for virtual desktops, advanced keyboard and mouse bindings and configuration.

Its aim is to create a flexible environment for the end user, which is most likely a programmer or a system administrator.

Another noteworthy feature is the modulized architecture. BitWM aims to spread tasks across modules as much as possible. This basically means that the core of BitWM remain clean and minimal while the most of the work is done by modules which can be dynamically loaded/unloaded and it's of course always up to the user to choose wheter the provided functionality is required or not and to enable or disable the module which provides that functionality.
Programmers can simply develop own modules and implement new features to the WM without editing a line of the window manager it self.

For further information and documentation visit the Docs section.

BitWM uses parts of code and some ideas from Evilwm and BadWM but is mostly rewritten from scratch.